Can I manually file submissions created in GoFiler?

Yes. You can save the projects you create in GoFiler and submit them manually by logging into the EDGAR Filing Website.

To file manually:

  1. Create your filing as normal. You should ensure that all of the documents and exhibits have been added to the submission and that editing is complete prior to submitting your file.
  2. Click File > Documents > Save As.
  3. Set the Save as type to "XML (*.xml)". Please note that the XML option may be called different names based on your submission type. For example, a 10-Q submission will have "EDGAR Online XML (*.xml)" as the save option whereas a 1-A submission will have "Regulation A XML (*.xml)" as the save option.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Open your preferred browser and go to the EDGAR Filing Website (
  6. Log in using your CIK and password. This is the CIK that will be used to submit the filing.
  7. Click the Transmit link under the Information Exchange heading on the left navigation bar.
  8. Click the transmit link that corresponds to the type of filing you want to submit (Test, Live, Bulk Test, Bulk Live).
  9. Choose the XML file that you saved.
  10. Click the Transmit button.

This will file your submission manually to EDGAR. If you wish to proof your submission or use the EDGARLink Online software or other SEC XML editing software on the EDGAR Filing Website, you will need to save your project as an EDGAR Internet Submission (*.eis). Please note that the EDGARLink Online software does not support every form type accepted by EDGAR.